Monday, 8 August 2016

Sketch Engine

Sketch Engine is a new library resource bought as part of the strategic funds process.   It provides access to dozens of corpora that can be searched and manipulated with Sketch Engine's unique functionality.  The corpora are millions and billions of words in size and allow linguists and lexicographers to study the relationships between words, types of words and phrases in over 80 languages.  It is a specialist resource for computational linguists and very much supports the work in digital humanities that is being undertaken at the University of Sheffield and led by the Humanities Research Institute, but it is also hoped that it will open up new interdisciplinary opportunities for the study of language in relationship to other subject areas.  

Increasingly academic libraries are involved in advocating for content to made available in ways that can be interrogated with computational research methods.  Sketch engine represents one commercial example of this but, as a sector, we are aware of these growing areas of research and are working to break down the restrictions that publishers often place on material that obstructs this

Sketch engine comes with its own comprehensive user guide.  University of Sheffield users, if logged in to MUSE, should use the institutional login

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