Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oxford dictionary of national biography

We have a new Information Skills Tutorial on the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography available. To access the tutorial, login to MUSE, then go into MOLE. In your course list you will see a 'Library - Information Skills' option (it may be buried towards the bottom, but it should be there somewhere!). Choose the 'subject-specific Information Skills Tutorials' option, then select 'English Literature' and there you will find the new ODNB tutorial. This will show you how to get the most out of this fantastic resource.

The ODNB contains around 56,000 biographies of significant Brits, including many notable literary figures. It provides a great introduction to the life and work of the subject as well as filling in the context in which they worked. A collection of  essays brings individuals and movements together thematically, well worth a browse.

You can be assured that the information on the ODNB is of excellent quality and written by experts. So ditch wikipedia as your quick 'who's who' one-stop-shop!