Monday, 18 March 2013

Mass Observation Online

We now have access to the third update to Mass Observation Online from Adam Matthews.  This update includes further writing from the war years and additional writing from the post war years covering research subjects such as demobilisation, health & the NHS, reconstruction, holidays, sport and industry. It includes:
·         Diaries, Men and Women 1946-1950
·         Directives, Men and Women 1946-1947
·         30 new Topic Collections – including
o   Propaganda and morale 1939-1944
o   Conscientious objectors & pacifism 1939-1944
o   Press 1938-1942
o   Reconstruction 1941-1942
o   Coal mining 1938-1948
o   Industry 1940-1955
o   Sexual behaviour 1939-1950
o   Health 1939-1947
o   Family planning 1944-1949
o   Live entertainment 1938-1948
o   Sport 1939-1947
o   Holidays 1937-1951
Accessible from the Library landing page here:
Or by searching for “Mass Observation” in StarPlus .

Friday, 8 March 2013

Changes in StarPlus

We are working in the background to improve our library systems.

You can now place a reservation within StarPlus, from the 'Request' tab.

However, to see the total number of copies available of a particular book, you need to click on the 'Details' tab and then the 'This item in classic Star' link on the right hand side. This is a temporary measure until we upgrade further in the next few months.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

StarPlus upgrade - Thursday 7th March

Work to integrate account information and renewals and reservations into StarPlus will take place on Thursday 7th March starting at 10.30am. This may last for several hours and there will be some disruption to the service.

It is recommended that you save your eShelf contents to Endnote or another reference service as a precaution. Alternatively you may choose to e-mail your eShelf contents to yourself. 

Every effort will be made to ensure that disruption to services is kept to a minimum.