Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Finding Missing Books - Archaeology Students

It has come to my notice that some Archaeology students are having problems with missing books.  I posted this advice last year for History students. The advice could apply to anyone in the Faculty of Arts who cannot find the book they are looking for but here is a version specially for the Archaeologists.

9 times out of 10 a "missing" book is not actually missing.  Often books get misshelved, both in the IC and in the Western Bank Library.

Before you try making a request for a book apparently not out but not on the shelf try these things and you may find your missing book...

  • Try adjacent shelves to left and right

  • Try a few shelves above and below

  • Mistakes can compound themselves so occasionally there can be two sequences within a few shelves

  • If the shelfmark starts e.g. 913... you could try 513... or 813...

  • 930.*** can be found misshelved at 933.****

  • It is often worth trying the Q section as well as the main sequence at Western Bank Library

  • Always check the re-shelving shelves

Please note if the catalogue -Star lists a book as MISSING - it has already been spotted as a missing item by Library staff and they are searching for it. It will make its way into a system and eventually I will be notified and I will buy a replacement. However, at busy times and when we are short-staffed this process can take 2-3 weeks at least. If you really need something quickly and you can see it is listed as MISSING it is always worth emailing me directly and I can fast-track a replacement order. I do need to know which module it is for and how soon it is needed though, so put that information in  your email.

Please do remember that if you are having any problems with resources, finding information, referencing or other information literacy issues you can come and see me  or email me directly and I will respond to you individually. I am here to help you get the best out of the library and support you in your studies so please get in touch - don't just grumble I might be able to do something about  your problem.

My email address is

Good Luck!

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