Thursday, 17 September 2009

Welcome to all new students in the Faculty of Arts

Hello Everyone,

I am your Faculty Librarian and I am here to help you. Hopefully I will see all of you at the various Introductory Sessions taking place during Freshers' Week. Please do come along and listen to what I have to say if you can. I will make it short! There are three important things to remember:

1) The Library is EVERYWHERE - many of our services are available online but to access our online journals and other electronic resources you MUST login to your MUSE account and go via the LIBRARY TAB.

2) You need your LIBRARY PIN to issue and discharge books and make reservations - which is important for getting hold of IN_DEMAND material. You also need this to Manage Your Library Account online through MUSE. Renewing books this way can avoid fines and the necessity to come to the Library.

3) I am friendly and helpful and you can contact me directly anytime for help - especially when you are working on assignments or if you have any particular difficulties with resources. I have a web page which is available here


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