Thursday, 9 October 2008

Early American Imprints

Hello Everyone,

 Hope you are all settling into the semester and your new modules and getting used to things. The Library has recently started a new subscription to Early American Imprints. It is a definitive resource for researching every day  aspects of 17th and 18th century America. Early American Imprints series 1 is based on Charles Evans' "American Bibliography" and Roger Bristol's supplement. This incomparable digital collection contains over 36000 printed works including virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in American over 160 years. This collection can be seen as a complement to ECCO Eighteenth Century Collections Online because ECCO is focused on British and European titles. Other publications included in the collection are advertisements, almanacs, bibles, catalogues, charters, cookbooks, elegies, eulogies, maps, narratives, novels, operas, plays, poems, primers, sermons, songs, speeches, textbooks, tracts, travelogues etc. Please do go and have a look at this resource. I hope it will help some or all of  you with your studies. It is available at:

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