Thursday, 20 December 2007

Using library electronic resources over the Christmas break

Many of you will need to access electronic library resources while you're at home over Christmas, but accessing them can sometimes work differently when you are off campus.
Here's a few tips in case you get stuck.

ALWAYS access ebooks, ejournals and databases by logging into MUSE and going to the 'library' tab. See here for more information about on and off campus access.

If you are having problems accessing ejournals, there is help available on the library website. Each publisher / supplier is listed with some advice on how you can gain access with screen shots to guide you through.

If you are still having problems, don't give up! It's always worth trying again later in case a problem on the supplier's side has been resolved.

But if you are still having trouble after that, please let us know so we can try and fix it. Email us at (though please note library staff will not be available from 24th December until 2nd January).

The Information Commons will be open throughout the Christmas break on a self-service basis.

Happy Christmas!


  1. Hi,

    I know this is not entirely relevant to your post, but I would like to highlight the fact that the library charges £2 a day for overdue short-loan books over the Christmas holidays. Obviously the library needs to ensure books circulate at such a crucial time, but isn't £2 a day a little extortionate?!

  2. Hi Ian,

    Thanks for getting in touch about this. I sent your comment to Lynn Greenwood, our Head of Lending Services, and she gave the following response:

    "The rate of fines for Short loan books is £2 per day (£1 for the first day overdue). This is the case during semester and vacation but as long as borrowers keep their accounts up to date and renew their loans on time they will not incur fines. The only time that books cannot be renewed is when someone else has reserved it and at that point the borrower is expected to return it to the library.
    Over the Christmas period (as was stated on the vacation loan bookmark, the plasma screens in the IC and on the self issue date for return receipts) the due date for short loan items was 7th January - this was so that there was time before the start of the exams for books to circulate amongst students who needed them. Any increase in the loan period for short loans over the vacation or reduction in the rate of fines would decrease the likelihood of the borrower returning the book in time for it to be available to others."

    I hope that answers your question, if you'd like to comment further or have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to leave comments here on the blog, or contact

    Best wishes.