Tuesday, 9 October 2007

John Milton: a bibliography

The Library currently has access to an online bibliography of the works of John Milton and secondary works referring to him and his writing. We only have access on a trial basis, so we need your feedback to determine whether this is something we should consider investing in long term, so please let us know what you think.

The bibliography does not include any full-text access to works by or about Milton, but does provide a great tool for discovering references if you are researching Milton or perhaps considering writing your dissertation on him later this year. It may also be of interest to those of you currently studying LIT3028 Writing the English Civil War or LIT207 Restoration and Eighteenth-century Literature.

The bibliography states it aims to:

"bring together all manuscripts and editions of John Milton's works and all studies and critical statements concerning his life and works, all allusions and quotations, and all significant imitations during the years 1624-1799."

Further info can be found here. There is a search facility with search tips to get you started. The content of the site is divided into 17th century primary sources and secondary sources, and 18th century primary sources and secondary sources, you can browse here. There's also a small collection of images on the site.

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