Thursday, 19 April 2007

Where are my books?!

The thing that came up in the History Surgeries time and time again was the problem of book availability. It seems to be the thing that you all find most frustrating about using the library. Second year modules were mentioned as being particularly problematic, while a lot of third year modules relied on borrowing tutors copies of books. We’d like to hear your suggestions on how we can improve this situation – more reference copies perhaps?

Some modules have been mentioned specifically, including:
HST3040 War, Decolonisation, and Independence in India, 1939-1950
HST223 Fascism 1918-1945
HST257 Decolonisation: Britain’s Retreat from Empire
HST3060 Muslim Conquest of Spain
HST3058 Colonial history of New York
HST396/7 Britain at war

Let me know your views on this. Have you struggled to find books for the same modules? Or are there others you have found problematic?

As part of the current project between the History Department and the Library, we have some additional funding to improve access to key undergraduate texts. We would like as much student input as possible in deciding how this money should be spent, so this is your chance to let us know which modules we should focus on. You can also recommend books you think the Library needs additional copies of. I’ll be updating the histlib blog to keep you informed on how the money is being spent and how we have responded to your suggestions. Leave a comment at the end of this message, or email


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